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Should you appeal your tax audit results?

The idea of facing an IRS audit can cause many New York residents to feel anxious. Often, this feeling may have you paying close attention to your tax records and documents in hopes of lessening your likelihood of getting the dreaded letter indicating that the government office intends to audit you. Unfortunately, even despite best efforts, you could still find yourself having your financial information coming under review.

Can lien stripping save your home?

Have you taken out a second or third mortgage on your home? Are you now struggling to keep up with the payments or have stopped making payments altogether? If so, according to the laws of New York, the lien holders would be well within their rights to initiate the foreclosure process even if you pay your primary mortgage in full each month. How can you save your home?

How will the means test affect your bankruptcy filing?

If you have decided to move forward with filing for bankruptcy in order to address your overwhelming debt, you should feel a sense of accomplishment. Even taking the first step toward debt relief in deciding to proceed with bankruptcy can prove difficult for most people. Therefore, you may already have started yourself on a path to a better financial situation simply by making this decision.

Bankruptcy can help your business reach a new chapter of success

Business models are constantly changing to align with the ever-expanding growth of online shopping. Some businesses have made a successful transition into the new age, while others have not been so fortunate. Perhaps your company fell a little behind in this area, causing it to experience periods of financial difficulty. You might have multiple ideas on how to restructure it and move into the new era, but you could be financially unable to make the necessary changes.