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Complaints against Alfred Angelo continue to mount

Complaints filed against the bridal company known as Alfred Angelo continue to mount in the state of New York. The company unexpectedly closed its doors earlier this month, leaving brides across the New York area scrambling when it came to their wedding dress.

Put a plan in place to deal with deep debt

If you are living with deep debt, it's likely that you struggle each month to pay the bills either on-time or at all. You need to put a plan in place that can help you deal with deep debt. We aren't talking about car loans, student loans or a mortgage here. We are talking about thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

What to expect after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision for many to make, but is it a smart one for those who are struggling with debt? Not long after you decide to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might begin to wonder what to expect after the filing is complete. We will discuss what you can expect after the bankruptcy in today's post.

Pearl Theater Company files for bankruptcy

The Pearl Theater Company, which has been performing various plays in locations across Manhattan, has filed for bankruptcy. The theater announced the news earlier this month and will stop operating after 33 years. The theater company had a residency and would perform classic plays in expensive spaces throughout Manhattan.

Understand the limitations and benefits of the automatic stay

Are you avoiding your phone, mail, and front door for fear that you will have to deal with collection attempts? If the answer is yes and you just can't make your payments, you might need to explore debt relief methods. One of these is bankruptcy.

Tips for dealing with stress related to bankruptcy

When the realization hits that it's time to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it's not a regular day at the office. You aren't done with the process by completing a set of forms and filing them away never to be seen again. This is an incredibly stressful situation for anyone and it may mean the end of a loved possession -- one that might've taken you years to acquire. Here are some tips for dealing with the stress that comes with bankruptcy.

Liquidation of assets during a bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a complicated process for those who are scared to utter the term and those who simply don't want to admit that it's happening. One part of the bankruptcy process for businesses is known as liquidation of assets. For business owners, liquidation is the absolute end of their business, which means the business will cease to be when this process is complete.

How to deal with overwhelming debt in New York

Debt is not an uncommon topic these days as more and more people find themselves in this predicament. People get into debt for various reasons: illness, unemployment, penchant for spending, mismanagement of money and more. Today we will discuss how you can deal with overwhelming debt in New York.