Removing A Second Mortgage Through Lien Stripping

Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws now allow for debt to be discharged through lien stripping. At the law firm of Jeffrey M. Rosenblum, P.C., we can guide you through both legal processes: Chapter 13 bankruptcy and lien stripping. We have helped numerous individuals reduce their debts through lien stripping. We also advise clients on ways to save their homes and avoid foreclosure.

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Helping You Understand What Happens In This Process

Individuals struggling to make payments on second or third mortgages look for feasible ways to deal with their debt. Many do not want to resort to bankruptcy, and many fear losing their homes to foreclosure. Another option that is not as well-known is lien stripping.

Lien stripping is effectively the process of removing a second mortgage, third mortgage or line of credit that encumbers real property. It is a court-administered process that turns the secured debt that encumbers the real property into unsecured debt that does not encumber the real property. There are certain parameters that dictate eligibility for lien stripping. For a second mortgage, third mortgage or line of credit to be converted to unsecured debt, your home must drop in value below the amount of the secondary secured debt.

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