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April 2013 Archives

Baby boomers beset by student loan debt

New York residents are probably familiar with the growing problem of student loan debt. The cost of education keeps going up, and many graduates are finding that there aren't enough well-paying jobs available to help them pay off their loans once they come due. Many of these graduates are seeking credit counseling relatively soon after they leave school.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy for ailing doctor's offices

The medical profession, one might think, is recession-proof. After all, there are always sick people, whether the economy is good or bad. But, in fact, the sluggish economy has taken a toll on doctor's offices in New York and across the country. As a result, increasing numbers of doctors are filing for business bankruptcy.

Older Americans desperately in need of debt relief

A financial industry report recently noted that delinquent payments on credit cards appear to be falling to their lowest levels in 15 years. The American Bankers Association report said that the delinquency fell to 2.47 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, their lowest level since 1994. Analysts said the report is a sign that consumers are getting their personal debt under control.

Singer Dionne Warwick files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Long Island residents may remember Dionne Warwick's' voice as one of the most recognizable of the 1960s, in hits such as "Walk on By" and "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" At 72, she still performs fairly regularly. But according to her publicist, gross financial mismanagement in the 1980s led her into long-term financial problems.