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January 2016 Archives

Possible bankruptcy in Tori Spelling's future

Although many New York residents may be familiar with Tori Spelling's acting career, they may not be quite as familiar with the reported financial challenges faced by her and her husband, 49-year-old Dean McDermott. The actress reportedly went through a physically and financially challenging time in the summer of 2015, which included hospitalization and significant pain that kept her from working. Now, she faces a lawsuit from American Express, a company to which she reportedly owes approximately $40,000. Because of the financial pressures, Spelling's husband is apparently requesting that she declare bankruptcy.

Healthcare kiosk maker files for bankruptcy

New York residents may have noticed that pharmacies, shopping malls and hospital waiting rooms now often feature health care kiosks that allow patients to speak with doctors remotely. These kiosks are also able to perform a limited number of diagnostic tasks, and many in the health care field believe that they have a bright future. However, growth in this highly competitive market has fallen short of projections, and one of the most prominent companies filed for bankruptcy in January.

The automatic stay in bankruptcy can stop lawsuits

People in New York who are behind on some of their most important bills may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Once bankruptcy is filed, the debtor is automatically protected from most legal actions that could be taken against them by bill collectors and creditors. The automatic stay will also stop pending litigation or ongoing proceedings involving the debtor's unpaid bills.