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November 2016 Archives

When is tax debt dischargeable in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If tax debt is part of the overwhelming financial obligations that lead a person to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it's essential to consider whether any of that debt and penalties assessed for it can be discharged in the bankruptcy.

An emergency room visit can be surprisingly costly

Virtually no one plans a trip to the emergency room. Sometimes people end up there without even realizing it. One minute you're going about your life and the next thing you know, you're in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm because you apparently fell and hit your head.

Tax authorities stepping up efforts to combat identity theft

As Americans increasingly file their taxes online, identity theft has become a growing issue. People are stealing taxpayers' identities, filing false returns and obtaining refunds of money not owed them (or the taxpayer). State and federal authorities, including the Internal Revenue Service, have been working diligently to prevent these fraudulent returns from going through and catch those who are guilty of this type of tax fraud.

Judge rules there was no bad faith in dentist's Chapter 7 filing

A New York bankruptcy court judge ruled last month in favor of a dentist who filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a case brought by one of his creditors. The creditor claimed that the dentist filed for bankruptcy in bad faith in order to evade his collection efforts on the judgment and asked that the bankruptcy case be dismissed.