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Understand the limitations and benefits of the automatic stay

Are you avoiding your phone, mail, and front door for fear that you will have to deal with collection attempts? If the answer is yes and you just can't make your payments, you might need to explore debt relief methods. One of these is bankruptcy.

Tips for dealing with stress related to bankruptcy

When the realization hits that it's time to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it's not a regular day at the office. You aren't done with the process by completing a set of forms and filing them away never to be seen again. This is an incredibly stressful situation for anyone and it may mean the end of a loved possession -- one that might've taken you years to acquire. Here are some tips for dealing with the stress that comes with bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can help your business reach a new chapter of success

Business models are constantly changing to align with the ever-expanding growth of online shopping. Some businesses have made a successful transition into the new age, while others have not been so fortunate. Perhaps your company fell a little behind in this area, causing it to experience periods of financial difficulty. You might have multiple ideas on how to restructure it and move into the new era, but you could be financially unable to make the necessary changes.

How to handle your financial stress

Financial stress can be one of the most overbearing stressors in life. Money problems, no matter how fiscally responsible you are, can occur at any point in life. Here are some helpful tips for handling your financial stress.

Benefits of credit counseling in New York

Credit can be a difficult thing to manage for some, which is why credit counseling is an industry in and of itself. Credit cards and other lines of credit can become a big problem for those who are not used to having access to money or who don't know how to properly manage their finances. Here are some benefits of credit counseling in New York.