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Methods for reaching manageable loan payments

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, stressful and difficult. There are different types of debt out there, all of which are common today. Whether you have credit card debt, a mortgage, car loans, student loans, home equity lines of credit or any other debt, you will want to know how you can reach manageable payments on those loans.

Know your options when dealing with debt

It's a good idea to know your options when dealing with debt, no matter how much you have accumulated over the years. Debt is a tricky situation and most people don't realize they have multiple ways of dealing with the debt they have on credit cards or in loans. Here are some of those options for dealing with debt.

Pearl Theater Company files for bankruptcy

The Pearl Theater Company, which has been performing various plays in locations across Manhattan, has filed for bankruptcy. The theater announced the news earlier this month and will stop operating after 33 years. The theater company had a residency and would perform classic plays in expensive spaces throughout Manhattan.

How will the means test affect your bankruptcy filing?

If you have decided to move forward with filing for bankruptcy in order to address your overwhelming debt, you should feel a sense of accomplishment. Even taking the first step toward debt relief in deciding to proceed with bankruptcy can prove difficult for most people. Therefore, you may already have started yourself on a path to a better financial situation simply by making this decision.

How to avoid credit card debt

Credit cards are both helpful and a menace at the same time. Some of the most financially responsible people can get themselves in trouble when it comes to credit cards. Because of this, we have compiled some tips for avoiding credit card debt in today's post.