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August 2017 Archives

The repayment journey of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make in New York. It means you have gotten into a bad situation and haven't been able to work out of it. Here is some information for the repayment journey of Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Long Island.

Should you appeal your tax audit results?

The idea of facing an IRS audit can cause many New York residents to feel anxious. Often, this feeling may have you paying close attention to your tax records and documents in hopes of lessening your likelihood of getting the dreaded letter indicating that the government office intends to audit you. Unfortunately, even despite best efforts, you could still find yourself having your financial information coming under review.

Defining a wage-earner plan in Chapter 13

Dealing with overwhelming debt is both bad for your credit score and for your health. Overwhelming debt can lead to a ton of stress, which can wreak havoc with your body. One option those suffering under a mound of debt have is to use a wage-earner plan in Chapter 13 in Long Island.

Complaints against Alfred Angelo continue to mount

Complaints filed against the bridal company known as Alfred Angelo continue to mount in the state of New York. The company unexpectedly closed its doors earlier this month, leaving brides across the New York area scrambling when it came to their wedding dress.