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November 2017 Archives

The quickest ways to liquidate assets

When people or businesses find themselves in a shortage of cash, they tend to liquidate their assets in an effort to fix their financial issues. The decision you will need to make when liquidating an asset is doing it quickly or doing it for the highest value. For the most part, if you liquidate an asset quickly, you will not get as much value for it.

The ins and outs of a typical debt repayment plan

If you've built up debt during your lifetime, you know how difficult it can be to work your way out of it no matter how hard you try. Many people in debt find themselves filing for bankruptcy. This is not the end of the road for your life, so don't worry that it is. When you file for bankruptcy, you will create a repayment plan. Here's some information about that plan.

Are you a victim of illegal debt collection efforts?

Dealing with overwhelming debt can have many negative consequences on your life. Besides the stress that comes with missing payments and knowledge that you cannot hope to catch up on your own, you may have to deal with phone calls and other forms of contact from creditors and debt collectors.

Gordmans department store bankruptcy comes to an end

The bankruptcy filing for Gordmans department store has finally come to an end. The store is based in Omaha and it had a liquidation plan approved by a bankruptcy court. The approval for liquidation occurred just less than one year since the company entered into the process. The company had to enter bankruptcy because of high dividend payments to shareholders and beyond lackluster sales.

Is bankruptcy the best option for seniors struggling with debt?

Debt is an issue that plagues millions of people across the country. Managing money is a skill that comes easy to some and not so easy for others. Even senior citizens can experience debt. Some go into debt late in life even after never having debt earlier in life. This typically happens after the senior has entered into retirement and a steady, healthy income has stopped. So, is bankruptcy the best option for seniors who are struggling with debt?