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A Fresh Start

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How often do small businesses fail?

Every small business owner starts out feeling positive and chasing what many consider the American Dream. They read stories about other companies starting in a garage and growing into an international powerhouse, and they can't help but hope for that type of success.

Can credit card companies collect after bankruptcy?

You have over $20,000 in credit card debt. You are thinking of using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get a fresh start. What you want to know is whether or not the credit card companies can still come after you for payment once your bankruptcy filing is completely.

College grads struggle early with debt

Financial issues are not always limited to people who are married and trying to raise a family or divorced and coping with support payments and the division of assets. According to one financial literacy company, problems with money can begin almost as soon as you are old enough to earn it. In fact, one survey showed that about 70 percent of college graduates make serious financial blunders within two years of receiving their degrees.

Do not assume you are the only one facing bankruptcy

People who file for bankruptcy often feel alone. They do not want to talk to other people about it. They feel like no one else is dealing with the same financial issues. It seems like everyone else has a great, stable life, and they are the only ones with these debt problems.