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October 2019 Archives

Debt can harm your mental and physical well-being

Could your debt be endangering your mental and physical health? It might be, according to a report recently published by, a personal finance website. The site reported that consumer debt was linked not just to psychological distress but to poor overall health.

It is your right to appeal an IRS decision

If you recently went through an IRS audit, you may have thought that was one of the most stressful things you could go through. However, when you learned that the findings of the audit left you owing the government a significant amount of money, you may truly know the meaning of stress. While it may seem as if the IRS has all the power, the truth is that you do have some options.

What divorce-related obligations can you discharge in bankruptcy?

Financial issues can contribute to strains in a couple's marriage. It's not unusual for someone to consider filing for bankruptcy as they're also headed toward divorce or have already begun the divorce process. Sometimes people file for bankruptcy after they've divorced, but they still have obligations to their former spouse that were ordered as part of their divorce agreement.

What you should know about automatic stays

Among the relief that filing for bankruptcy brings is what's called an "automatic stay" on collection efforts by creditors. As one attorney says, "One of the reasons individuals ultimately file for bankruptcy is just to stop the harassment that goes on in the process of collection."

Don't let the holidays destroy your budget

As we head into the holiday season, consumers' budget goals are going to be tested. Online, TV and print ads will abound. It seems like just about every retailer is offering great "deals" that can't be passed up around the holidays. Couple that with the pressure to give the right gift to everyone in your family as well as your social and work circles, and it's easy for spending to get out of hand.