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Chapter 11 bankruptcy for ailing doctor's offices

The medical profession, one might think, is recession-proof. After all, there are always sick people, whether the economy is good or bad. But, in fact, the sluggish economy has taken a toll on doctor's offices in New York and across the country. As a result, increasing numbers of doctors are filing for business bankruptcy.

BBQ joint on Bay Shore closes after bankruptcy filing

A commercial bankruptcy has different financial implications than an individual bankruptcy. However, creditors in a business bankruptcy may still seek out personal assets when they back business debts. The following Chapter 11 bankruptcy illustrates how a business may be forced into bankruptcy, even when it has a large number of customers.

Struggling restaurant files for bankruptcy

Realizing a business venture is on the brink of possible failure can be a sobering event. Business owners in this situation often need to make difficult decisions about the future of their companies. Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be an unfortunate, but necessary, option to save a failing business.

MF Global clients may recover investments

A commercial bankruptcy has different financial implications than a personal bankruptcy, although a business owner may support business debts with personal assets. Business owners often declare a business bankruptcy with a Chapter 11 filing. Readers in Long Island may want to learn about one brokerage firm that may be able to return investments to its clients after filing in this way. This could also help area customers who have been waiting to get their money back and may have to consider filing for personal bankruptcy as a result.

Pioneering video game company files bankruptcy

The decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult one, but in financially challenging times, it may be a sound option. Filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help a struggling business reorganize debt in an effort to keep it from going under. Businesses facing this difficult choice should get an understanding of debt reorganization and how bankruptcy laws can benefit a business.

THQ bankruptcy woes continue with scheduled auction

A business bankruptcy generally occurs because a company faces overwhelming debt. Companies may file for Chapter 11 to gain some relief from creditors while attempting to reorganize the business so that debts can be discharged. Our New York readers are already familiar with video game maker THQ's Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to save itself, but an upcoming auction may divest it of its most valued assets, meaning many THQ employees will likely find themselves out of work.

Game maker THQ undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy

While the term "bankruptcy" may invoke negative feelings, it is often a chance to relieve stressful financial times and reduce the pressures associated with being in debt. In the business world, Chapter 11 actually allows for a company to continue to operate while restructuring current debts. In many cases, a company filing for Chapter 11 can move into the future more viable and competitive. Game maker THQ has recently started the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Similarly sized companies all over Long Island may face the same economic challenges that this business does.

Brooklyn hospital seeking bankruptcy protection

When a business is in financial trouble, it can file for bankruptcy to either liquidate its assets and go out of business or reorganize and try to stay afloat. The latter process is known as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it offers a business the opportunity to enter into business debt negotiations with creditors. A Chapter 11 filing can be a complex situation, so any business considering this route should seek the advice of a professional who is knowledgeable about the process.

Hostess bakers' union needs Chapter 11 trustee

In difficult economic times, a business may seek to settle its debts through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy affords a business the opportunity to reorganize and restructure its debts as opposed to selling off all of its assets like in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, when a large company, such as Hostess, decides to commit to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, resolving disputes can get quite complicated.