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Chapter 13 has one big advantage over Chapter 7

Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you an affordable repayment plan that you can use for the next few years -- typically between three and five years -- to pay back what you owe. Some of your debt may be forgiven, but the goal is repayment instead of elimination.

How often do small businesses fail?

Every small business owner starts out feeling positive and chasing what many consider the American Dream. They read stories about other companies starting in a garage and growing into an international powerhouse, and they can't help but hope for that type of success.

Important questions to ask your bankruptcy attorney

If you are wallowing in debt, you are likely having trouble finding a way out of it. Debt can pile up quickly. This is an issue that millions of Americans face each year. Bankruptcy is the best option available for those who are swimming in debt with no end in site. As you prepare to consult with your attorney, be sure to ask the questions outlined in this post.