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What are the top financial errors people make?

Financial mistakes are pretty common. As much as everyone wants to be in control of their finances, life has a way of getting out of control. Sometimes, it just takes one small mistake. Other times, a series of chronic mistakes cause the problems. What are some of the most common errors people make? A few are listed below:

Tips to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy

Worried that your credit score will drop after you file for bankruptcy? That is one of people's most common concerns, but do not worry that it has to last forever. There are plenty of things you can do to rebuild your credit. That's why people refer to bankruptcy as a fresh start.

Can credit card companies collect after bankruptcy?

You have over $20,000 in credit card debt. You are thinking of using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get a fresh start. What you want to know is whether or not the credit card companies can still come after you for payment once your bankruptcy filing is completely.

Do not assume you are the only one facing bankruptcy

People who file for bankruptcy often feel alone. They do not want to talk to other people about it. They feel like no one else is dealing with the same financial issues. It seems like everyone else has a great, stable life, and they are the only ones with these debt problems.